Laminam is pleased to present a brand new project, a brilliant creative challenge that is also proof of our different approach to the research and development of new products. Laminam has embarked upon exclusive cooperation with one of the most important Italian cultural and art institutions, Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence. Thanks to this unique opportunity, Laminam will be launching a new collection named Opificio Mediceo, with the aim of reproducing, on Laminam’s ceramic slabs, a selection of superbly attractive stones that are part of the historic archives of the Opificio and that are no longer available in nature. Pietra Paesina is the first stone that introduce this extraordinary collection.

This alberese stone, or compact limestone from the northern Apennines, was found in the bed of the river Arno, in the upper Arno valley. Agostino del Riccio already mentioned “pietra d’Arno” in his work “Istoria delle pietre” written in 1597, but the popularity of this limestone with its veins and particularly imaginative markings grew principally in the seventeenth century. The stone became popular in Florence and beyond, reaching Central and Northern Europe, but it was liked more for its “bizarre” appearance than its quality. It has two main guises, sometimes found on the same slab: markings on the “lined” type appear like parallel and undulating streaks, recalling the notion of a rippling surface of water. Otherwise, its structure may have fault lines suggesting the appearance of a landscape with ruins and thus known as “paesina”.