The new 109-storey tower was inaugurated on 10th January last: the tallest tower in Beijing, it is in world’s Top 10 highest skyscrapers  

528 metres spanning 109 storeys.

China Zun Tower (CITIC Tower), the tallest tower in Beijing, lies in the heart of the capital. Strategically placed in the country’s financial district, it is destined to become the new Chinese architectural symbol. 

Its characteristic shape recalls the appearance of an ancient Chinese wine vessel which gives it its name: Zun. The building is a distinctive indication of the value attributed to traditions, the genuine foundations of an approach to growth which is literally always aiming higher.  

The building plays host to offices, conference rooms, stores and a hotel, and it also houses the main headquarters of the public investment group CITIC GROUP (China International Trust Investment Corporation) which built it and owns it. 

Last 10thJanuary, CITIC organised an inaugural event in full traditional Chinese style, to present the recently completed interiors of the building to the press. The unique star of the event was the Laminam porcelain slab used for all the interior cladding of approximately 70 storeys (30,000 sq.m. in total) and of the main entrance (8,000 sq.m.), chosen in the I Naturali – Bianco Statuario Venato Soft Touch finish. The 1620x3240mm size surfaces were applied side-by-side to ensure the continuity of the vein patterns. 

The inauguration was attended by CITIC group senior management, alongside the two General Managers of the subsidiary, Laminam China Ltd, as well as 200 guests, including contractors, architects and designers, 20 journalists and 5 television channels, including the State TV channel, CCTV.

Pictured, from left to right: 

James Huang - General Manager Laminam China LTD

Cosimo De Leva - International Financial Supervisor Laminam S.p.A.

Luca Bottazzi - General Manager Laminam China LTD

Wuren Wang - Vice Chairman & General Manager CITIC Group

Miss Yang – Partner Laminam China Beijing