Laminam, a specialist in the production of large ceramic slabs with minimal thickness for architecture and furnishing, wins the “Trophée 2017–2018 – Best Worktop” from Sadecc, the exhibition dedicated to the world of kitchens which was held in Lyon from 7 to 10 April 2017.

The prestigious award went to the LAMINAM 1620×3240 mm slab with thickness of 12 mm designed for indoor and outdoor horizontal surfaces, from tables to kitchen and bathroom tops: a revolutionary product in view of its outstanding properties, first and foremost its extreme robustness and intrinsic hygienic quality, combined with its refined aesthetic.

Grouped into 5 series inspired by elements like cement, marble, wood, iron and solid colours that blend historical allure with contemporary idiom, the 1620×3240×12 mm series offers a total of 31 surfaces for obtaining highly evocative atmospheres.

This accolade highlights the innovation of Laminam, which by bringing together state-of-the-art technology and a typically Italian entrepreneurial perspective and creativity has proven capable of extending the size and potential of conventional ceramics, making it an eclectic material for a new generation.


Legno Venezia, Cava, Calce, Ossido, Tinta Unita