29 April 2017 - Student certificate presentation ceremony

Final event of the “Scuola in posa” training course for students at the Istituto IIS A. Volta school in Sassuolo (Modena area) promoted by the Lions Club Sassuolo and supported by Laminam.

Laminam believes in and actively supports training.

The company supported the three-year extracurricular “Scuola in posa” project, which provided knowledge and the basic concrete applied principles of installation, a specialist sector in continuous development, fundamental for the industrial ceramic sector.

The students who took part in the project were able, on one hand, to visit companies throughout the chain of production (from concept to creation) and, on the other, tried their hand at a real tiling material installation. 

The project came to a close in April 2017 with the presentation of the certificates to the students. The work completed at the end of the project was presented on the same occasion.